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Is there a good way to go about setting up a DMT to make all orders with a part on any line that has a specific operation description have the ship by date be pushed back one week? So even if the order has multiple lines, as long as there is one line with a part number with that specific operation description, the entire order should have the ship by date be pushed not just that line

You need to write a BAQ that will return that data with your criteria (all orders that meet your criteria) then use the BAQ Results export it to CSV and use DMT to write back


I have the BAQ setup but in the BAQ how would I tell it to change the ship by date by 1 week?

Calculated field
DATEADD(week, 1, <YourCurrentShipByDate)

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Within the CSV file, are there specific fields that should be used when doing the DMT? For example, the calculated field should I rename to be Ship By and not include the original Ship By? Also would I just use the Sales Order Header DMT table?

{Company, OrderNum, RequestDate, CustomerCustID} should be the only required columns?

DMT will give you a template, you will most likely have to rename the columns from the BAQ.