Do you display Balance Due on your Invoices?

We’re about to rework our AR Invoice form a bit and have been discussing items we want to add/change.

One potential request is to add the Invoice Balance to the form. This is easy enough to do. But I’m curious, how many other folks are doing it? If you thought about it and decided against it, what were your reasons?

The concern I have is that the Balance changes over time. So the Invoice form is no longer a “static” document if we add the Balance. Meaning a user or customer could be looking at an “incorrect/outdated” document depending on when the PDF was rendered… I suppose it wouldn’t be an issue if we had an iron-clad process to make sure people are never interacting with outdated documents. But iron-clad processes rarely exist in the wild…

I think that an invoice should be a static document. All print outs, PDF’s, web page views, etc…, that refer to the same invoice number should show the same exact information. I’d leave Balance Due for statements.

I’m not a fan of changing a PO once it has been issued. Same for an Order, once its been acknowledged.


Not that I have ever been asked to include the Balance on an Invoice, nor am I saying that it should be condoned, but if I was forced to… if it was possible to calculate the balance up to a defined cutoff date, which could be a date that is static for the invoice in question - maybe could consider showing the “affected balance.” Doesn’t it just become a question of Aging Date? Is it really nothing more than using the Customer Statement as a SubReport to the AR Invoice? Reckon what kind of extra processing time would be required to essentially calc a statement balance by Aging Date?

But wouldn’t we have to also assume that the invoicing process only results in a single invoice for any given day? Well, unless the calculation also included Time.

Perhaps the Print Date must be included on the Invoice as well. It is already on the Standard SSRS invoice.

IDK, just taking the opportunity to look through these reports and throw some thoughts out there. Good luck with it.

I’ve added the balance. Certainly helps when deposits effect the balance. Also, credit card processing creates zero dollar balance invoices, less confusing to include the balance for those customers especially when using print routing to email invoices.

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Thanks for the feedback, all.

We settled on showing a balance with a timestamp, like this:


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Please be careful, I had a customer that would create multiple invoices for the same sales order on the same day. Since the invoices can be printed before posting, the balance due may or may not be accurate.