Do you use SourceDay

Is anyone using SourceDay? I have been asked to see if any Epicor users are using SourceDay that would be willing to share their experience.

We use where I work. We in IT were involved with the initial set up. We are on prem so all we had to do was put some SQL views on the server and create an Epicor user ID for the API and the API needs to be installed. I liked working with the integration team, they were helpful and understood epicor.
Our supply chain team did everything else.
Source day handled all the supplier on boarding, so that was helpful.


I spoke to them a few years ago about using REST, is that not the case now? They are still using Views?

Ditto - we had a call with them a few weeks ago and I said the same thing - why do you need access to my SQL server?

I think their questionnaire is outdated, though. The actual tech team did seem to understand business objects, etc.

I think they are using rest for all the writes.
my former boss left me out of the API meeting going over it and installing it, so im not entirely sure. I probably should find out though. :smile: