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We have a BAQ report that is scheduled to run every day and email customers. I would like to add a static document in the break routing. Does anyone have the steps needed to add an additional static PDF to the email along with the dynamic report? I don’t see that I can just add without using a docstar attachment.

If it truly is static, I would attach it to the SSRS report and have it show or not based on wgatever criteria you set.

It is the same form, but it has fields they populate then save and send back. We want to keep that to keep as simple as possible for the customer.

Do you have DocStar?

Yes we have docstar.

If it were me, I would just save the static form to DocStar and add it in the routing. That way it should be a separate attachment instead of just another page like when I suggested adding it in the SSRS report.

Do you also have APR? You mention break routing, so I assume you do. Perhaps this is what you are looking for. The ‘take document’ widget in the APR setup.

Correct. Where I am at is I do not exactly know how to properly configure the action whether it be a static document or another document.

where is your static document stored in Docstar - It needs to be an attachment to a table in Epicor. We would store a document like “Terms and Conditions of Sale.pdf” as a Company level document inside Epicor, attached to the Company record. And we get the SysRowID.
Then the params for the widget are
designed value = sysrowid

I think that will do what you want…

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Perfect that gives me some direction. Thanks!

if that works, or you figure it out differently, post that here and mark the appropriate solution for others that are about to go down this same path! :slight_smile:

Ok it is working on my test just as needed.

  1. Create a Document Type “Company” and make it a docstar attachement
  2. Attach the file to the company
  3. In Break Routing use the take document type.
  4. Choose action options. I used key field to test and it does not require a key for single company.

If we need more documents I will have to visit the other action options later.
Works perfect, now I can start to build out the additional logic.

Great News, and good job.
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