Docstar AP Automation


We are finally in the process of implementing AP Automation using Docstar and looking to see how others using the software got around the following -

•Invoices with multiple Tax/VAT on them - currently the process passes line details to Epicor, Epicor works out the Tax/VAT and sends back to Docstar. This can be different to the AP Invoice, if the invoice contains different Tax/VAT rated items on them. The Docstar/Epicor consultants answer - was to fudge the invoice in Docstar and then correct in Epicor?

Have others found a way around this.

•Something we have come across in testing, which does not seem to be in the std workflows supplied by Epicor - is adding intrastate details to lines in Docstar. Have others done this?

•Epicor has a process that allows you to enter an AP Invoice for unreceived lines and then match these up later once the goods have been received. Has anyone found a way to process AP Invoices in Docstar for unreceived lines?

Thanks Neil

I think you’ve asked 3 different questions there, but can’t be 100% sure…

  1. Invoices with multiple VAT - you’re correct in that docStar passes the lines info to Epicor, which then calculates the taxes and passes back the info to display in the docStar grid. Our workflow handles having different lines with different VAT rates on each - you specify the VAT type on the Line Item grid, then Epicor calculates VAT and passes back a header with the appropriate number of rows. Confirm that we only change in docStar, not Epicor - we also display the “Manual Tax” checkbox, and allow user to make rounding changes of 1 or 2p.

  2. Intrastat? docStar exposes all of the fields in the relevant data tables, but they haven’t created and mapped all fields into the docStar grids. It’s possible to add new details to the grids and map them through.

  3. Unreceived lines - this is a query for consultant or docStar team, to understand whether they’ve programmed an Integration for it.

Thanks for the reply Mark, it looks like we need to speak to the consultant doing the implementation.

Based on what you have said -
Looks like they need to add the line tax type/category to the line grid and map the items for intrastat.

Did you ever find a solution to the Unreceived lines. We are just getting rolling and are finding it very tedious to keep restarting the workflow to see if they are received each day.

Hi Mike,

I’m afraid not.

We did push back on a few things - when we were demoed we were shown invoices moving directly from the data capture element / through docstar and being created in Epicor without user interaction if PO Invoice values matched Epicor.

But during implementation, we were told we had just purchased the header capture and needed to purchase the line capture for this. But after several calls, we were told yes - they can do it with just the header capture and that is now working. Plus we had to get Docstar to do extra work, so invoices with multi tax/vat on them are captured correctly and update Epicor correctly with multi tax/vat codes etc.

If you wanted to discuss more about Docstar, drop me a line.


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