DocStar AP Automation

Need to ask a few questions regards to DocStar Licensing.

Customer background.
Epicor 10.2.500 (On Premise) - 20 User looking for AP Automation.

  1. Can we have DocStar AP Modules with just a 1 user license for ECM CU?
  2. What are the constraints for a view only users vs a full ECM CU?
  3. Can DocStar be sold in SaaS and integrate with OP ERP?


Can you explain ECM “CU”?
In general you can have no users if you’re just using it as attachment storage for Epicor ERP and do not care t view inside ECM. We have only 1 AP user right now, but it’s based on # documents scanned and the Integration, not seat as I recall. I can check next week when I’m back in the office.

As for Saas and connect to OP - yes, all the connections between DS and ERP are REST/API connections.

Dear Mike,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

ECM “CU” = ECM Concurrent User

If DocStar hosted in AWS-UK and ERP is sitting in Frankfurt & Singapore. Do you foresee any network issue or security problem?

We are On-Prem so I have no idea about the lag time/performance of the hosted ECM platform. I do believe that the AP Automation only works on-prem - double check me on that as it’s been a year+ since I asked about it - so you would at least have to have the IDC server as on-prem, but the ECM server could be hosted. Again, the interface between ER and ECM is so very lightweight that the data exchange would be very quick and I suspect the only issue would be the image transfer - size = time.

As for this, You’ll have to ask Epicor. I don’t know what the minimum licensing is and the last time I asked was over a year ago…

I still can’t find anything on this online, so you’ll have to ask Epicor CAM. But I did find this: