Docstar / Epicor ECM Forms

Anyone using Docstar Forms?

I’m creating a form, that allows users to select information from Dropdowns (using Datalinks to get information from Epicor). I’m trying to workout how to clear/reset related fields / selections if they change a dropdown. i.e. Change customer, the form resets/clears the invoice selection etc.

Trying to get information drop Docstar support and no help.


@neil_shilson I am just getting started with DS and have not done any forms, but I have found a ton of good tips on the Epicor Learning Center. It uses the same logon as EpicWeb. After logon you should get a DocStar or Kinetic choice. A lot of the same videos come up if you enter DocStar Forms in the EpicCare KB search window.

Yes, I’ve used the learning center. But it only covers basic elements, once you start to do more with Docstar - I find the documentation does not exist and support say. you need to pay for consulting.

@neil_shilson We’ve only made a basic form to play with it, but we’re not using any forms yet. Having said that, in looking at it the sample forms and controls in more detail, I just do not see any way to tie two controls together, let alone script any sort of triggered refresh/filter.

I’m slightly disappointed in that the forms have so little that can be customized, given that the samples are for workflows that would be highly customized in normal circumstances.

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You can tie typehead or dropdown type datalinks to fields in the content builder, so this way you can filter fields based on prior selections. But its the clear/reset I’m having the issue with.

Let me know if you need any help with the filtering type fields.

interesting - didn’t think of it that way. I was trying to apply the more typical ‘code’ approach :slight_smile:

We’ve got a bunch of datalinks and workflows that are all pretty linear, but I can see a need for something like this pretty soon as we’ve started considering if DS forms would work, or if we need to do an Epicor UI custom form. I must have missed this info on typeahead and referencing other fields in the content builder docs.

Got any hints, pdf page #'s, or screen shots to give me a head start?