DocStar File Access via Dashboard

I am new to DocStar so I apologize if this is a trivial question.

We have used dashboards over the years for bulk document review or providing easy access to attachments from a grid. Double-click the row, shift-click the rows to open many documents in PDF, etc.

Is there anything special required to open a DocStar attachment in a dashboard? I see the trace log calls BO.AttachmentImpl.DocStarDownloadFile in Invoice Entry when the file is opened. When I am in the DocStar portal I get the following URL’s but they open the console and I am looking to just open the PDF via Adobe Acrobat.


The xFileRef table displays a guid and part of a path but I am not sure how to use it.


Notice on the Attachments page, there are two different buttons: View in DocStar and View. Are you tracing the View? That’s what you want to copy. Keep in mind that you’ll most likely have to authenticate to DocStar before retrieving any documents.

I was tracing the view. I must have some configuration issue. This is what I get:

Thanks for the response. Sounds like it is more involved than a direct launch of the document. I was hoping there was a URL with a guid parameter or something to run with.


Well, you’re dealing with a real content management system and not a file share with wide-open access. (And licensing!) I know someone else was doing this recently. Keep searching and you’ll see what they did.

Hi Ross,

Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but were you able to get to the bottom of this? I’ve been able to display the PDF in a URL/XSLT panel in a dashboard, but only when hardcoding the path direct to the document. No luck getting it from a published line.


Hi Rob,

I didn’t. There was another post where Tanner shared his SQL code to get at the files locations.

It did show the information but it was pretty involved to just display the file in a dashboard so we didn’t complete it.


You might be able to use an external BAQ to get this information and feed it to your panel in a dashboard.


Thanks, that’s what I was thinking too. I found the thread with the SQL query to get the path so that might help.

So I was able to eventually use the SQL in combination with some string manipulation and publish/subscribe on the dashboard to finally get a document path which I could plug into to the URL view.