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I’m working on a form for user to enter data and store for retrieval. It will go thru approval workflow.
I’m having issues with lining up my boxes and sizing.
Boxes are overlapping, and I can’t seem to get them the same size.

Is there a trick to this? Please don’t say CSS.

It’s not a great editor I agree. Our simple forms are all slightly off somehow. One control is a pixel or two lower than its neighbor - that sort of thing. If you are using a background image and trying to overlay controls on that image - we’ve never had it come out perfect.

Thanks for the reply. I decided to leave spaces between the fields and color the background with CSS rather than trying to connect the fields and match all the sizes.

Here is part 2 to this question.
I have my form done but I can’t find any documentation that explains what’s next. Is there training available?
For example, I can open the form and fill out the fields and click submit. I can find it in the queue but how do I get it to do workflow things? Note: Found this in the Content setup and assigned a wflow.
I can’t find how to get this stuff into a form other than short videos that don’t explain much:
It needs approval.
It needs to be stored for retrieval.
It would be nice to use datalinks to populate a form dropdown.
I might get a few other questions from users.

The form data is stored as ‘fields’ and the system creates a document placeholder for it. There is no image per se, but rather the form is re-built when you want to view it. In other respects, it’s a document. The trigger for workflow is on the Content Type assigned to the form when it’s created. We’ve only done a little bit of work with them as a proof of concept, but I’ll chat with my colleague in the morning.

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Thank you. I assigned the workflow and now I have to figure out what it has to do.

I noticed when I click “create” as if I was a user about to fill in the form, that will start the workflow as opposed to when the user clicks Submit. So I suppose the first Step in the workflow is a Display Message to fill in the form.

No problem - glad to be of assistance.

yeah - kinda strange but when you think about it, the database table rows must exist for anything to happen, so when you click create it will create all of things needed for it to be a real ‘document’ at that moment. And of course, the workflow triggers :slight_smile: Getting the logic to work to your advantage is usually the biggest challenge when working with a workflow tool.