Docstar in a test environment

I have my entire E10 environment in a sandbox, Epicor works without issue. However, when I try to log into Docstar, I get the following error:

“The connection used by your last login is no longer valid; please login again”

This is true with an existing user account, or the built-in admin account (

The test setup includes all of our Epicor servers, plus a domain controller.

  • App server
  • SQL server
  • docstar server
  • domain controller

I have submitted a help request, but after four days there has not been a response from support.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

@DexIT I got a second development license key from my project manager for the dev server. Your ECM CAM or project manager if you are still working with one can make the request for you.

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Thanks for the quick reply on this! I’m reaching out to my CAM now.

Just curious . . . is your DocStar [a.k.a. Epicor ECM] a Cloud Service or On-Prem?

Great question, I should have mentioned this in the details above. It’s a Vmware environment hosted offsite.