DocStar Install Documentation

Anybody have install documentation for DocStar?
We just purchased to migrate from Doclink. I haven’t been able to find any.

Did you register for a CareCentral account? There’s a lot of good stuff in there. We didn’t need the install guide (cloud) but that’s where I would look.

Mark W.

Yes. I see a bunch of stuff, but nothing for on premise server install.

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Hi Mike - Did you ever get any instructions to install DocStar on premise?

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I did not we ended up having Epicor do the install and then some training for me after the install. The basic install was pretty quick, but the integration for AP is much more complicated. Seems it is kept pretty close to the vest still.


So it looks like I might have what you’re looking for :slight_smile: The “DocStar E10 Integration Configuration Guide v1.4” is what you are looking for and I’m sure I got it from their website. The PDF is too big for this site so I cannot attach it here - and I also have some other stuff you might like…
If you PM me with an email address or a onedrive/dropbox site to upload to - I can send them

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Better yet, can you provide the link?

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Yes please share. This is all that I get to see for documentation. Would be nice to have for the future.
Looks like the extra documents you have may come from Epicor?

Ok, ok, since @Mark_Wonsil called me out on it… I couldn’t find it earlier, but spent more time looking and all the good stuff if located on CareCentral, under Downloads, Docstar Collateral for Epicor Partners.

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I also have this file DocStar Creating E10 Attachment Links.docx (40.5 KB)
and two more that are too large even when zipped that contain a (1) lot of technical information about how the internal of the DS server work, and (2) how to alter your Appserver for the E10 integration. If you want either of these, PM me with your preferred method.

Hmmm. I will go back at them, you must have special privileges :slight_smile:

It’s possible that I do. I’m the admin/tech contact for our account and while I’ve been accused of being special, it is rarely the case. (Please do not get my access taken away!)

Gotcha, no mention of Mike Gross and his access.