DocStar install recently?

Anyone had a Docstar rollout done recently? I have been waiting 2 months and have yet to have any contact form the DocStar team. I have asked my CAM mulitple times, but don’t get any answers.

I am curious if anybody here has had the installation and setup done recently? How long did you wait and what was the process? I have not even received a single contact from the team so far.

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Yep - it took about 6 weeks for them to get back to me after an initial email that said it would be about that long. We did our install about 4 weeks ago and am moving forward very slowly with the IDC part. Just speaking with my consultant you can tell they have about a dozen simultaneous installs going on at the same time. once I got assigned a person, they are responsive via email, but also a bit overwhelmed so keep after them and make sure they are doing what you need.

We had a great time getting the project going…

For anyone looking at this in 2022 and beyond, we have had a poor experience with getting this setup. This post is to serve, not to discourage people from getting docstar, but to inform on the wait time.

We asked for this initially back in 2021. Currently, we are still waiting to hear back from them on which ports we need to have for our local installation (if anyone knows this, please let me know. They gave us one port, however, when we tested on our network we saw many ports being used).

The communication with our install team was lacking, as we would go several weeks without hearing anything from them. If I was a person that was looking at this to get installed, I would say expect nine months to a year to get the install working. Oh, and we were paying for it that whole time as well.

Who is doing your install?

Epicor. They assigned a team to do the install.

can you get out of the contract? If they aren’t providing the service you signed for maybe you can get out of it? I have an amazing contact that has been nothing short of amazing on our install. Let me know if you need the details.

I would be interested in the details for sure. I don’t know if we can get out of the contract, but I am still interested in seeing what this person or company has to offer.

If you aren’t getting what you paid for, I think there’s an issue.

Something like a breach of contract…

The thing is, I am not the one that makes that call on whether or not we bail on the contract. What I can do is supply alternative methods on getting what we want, and then see what the higher ups want to do.

@SSDBlondie How functional are IDC and ECM? You may be able to get thru faster just finishing what needs to be done. They are just websites with a database connection.
My AP automation and Sales order automation workflows are very basic and do not have a lot of complex approval workflows. I used @MikeGross’s recommended resource for SOA and we finished in four weeks and I did about half of the setup.

@SSDBlondie What do you mean by this? I don’t want to guess, so I’m asking.

Ports, like tcp/udp ports shouldn’t be a concern with today’s http traffic, but I think you’re talking about something like that for security purposes.

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They are not functional at all yet.

On the local server, we were told that we needed to have just one port open to get this working. So we did the port that the Epicor guy told us to do, however, it still didn’t work. Then we ran a network test, which showed that the server was trying to use other ports than the one that they specified. We were concerned about this because of security (as our company had a security breach before, so we are extra cautious)

Are you presenting the app directly to the internet, or is this all internal (behind your firewall)?

Behind our firewall. They said we only needed 443 open, but port 1024 is being used as well.

I can’t speak to ECM directly as I’ve not done the port monitoring, but apps usually initiate communications via the primary port (443 for https) and once all the authentication bits are taken care of, they will usually negotiate for a second port to carry on the session or some other task. This is usually important for internet facing apps because each port must be open in the firewall. On the inside, most of us leave them open because it’s pretty secure in itself as no other apps/services listen on those ports so nothing can be compromised.

In the case of ECM - port 1024 might be used for notifications and/or background communications with the server. It might also be the ECM client installed locally is using that port. I didn’t see anything in the documentation

I assume you’re doing this via the Windows firewall on the server? Have you tried leaving a small range like 1024-1048 open and seeing what happens?

If your network folks are clamping down that hard, then you need to ask Epicor what port range needs to be allowed for sessions - it might just be something like 1024-1048 will be enough.

This is what we have been doing for the past month, but there has been no resolution on this.

yes, shame on me :-). I got caught up on the issue I forgot your initial position. It’s been a long day already. Let me see if I’ve got anyone I can ask directly.

Do you have an open support ticket by chance?