DocStar Rest API Authentication

Does anyone have experience with DocStar’s API? Or have documentation? We’re trying to integrate some basic functionality into Epicor and I can’t seem to get past the authentication. I can make a login call and get a token back, but all the usual ways I’ve seen of passing that token into subsequent calls are failing with an error saying that no token was provided.

Are you on a version that has the docStar integration? I found the integration to be very good.

10.2.X> is pretty tightly integrated as far as I can telll. What are you trying to accomplish

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The integration with Epicor is fantastic - which is a large part of why we went with DocStar.

The end goal here is to (almost) completely automate the quoting process for a highly configurable part. The configuration is entered, we check DocStar to see if certain documents (drawings, safety study, etc.) exist for the configuration, generate and upload them to DocStar if we can, and then flag the quote as either ready to send to the customer or requiring manual intervention. The same documents are then referenced again when we move through to a job.

I saw large parts of what we need available through Epicor’s standard integrations but not everything.

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For anyone interested, I just heard back from Epicor Support and the token generated from logging in is passed to subsequent calls via a header with the name “ds-token”.


Jason, how long did it take them to install docstar? Did you buy the AP automation from them as well?

Also, how hard is it to scan in documents and make them link to the quote or order? Can that be done through normal docstar functionality or do you need to develop something?

We handed the basic installation off to a consultant and he had it done within a few days. Overall the process wasn’t too bad and the only hiccup we ran into was licensing while having both a test and live environment. Implementation on the other hand… we’re 6+ months out and still don’t have a form/process working to the standards we outlined when purchasing the product.

However, our use case is outside the norm because we’re implementing it first for document control around parts and engineering (because that’s our immediate need) and then branching to other aspects of the business, likely including AP automation. The Epicor-built integration for AP looks very straightforward and consultants appear to be getting up to speed on implementing the automation aspect. I can’t speak to first-hand knowledge of the process, but I doubt very much that you’ll have to do anything in the way of custom development to get up and running.

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Hey @jstephens

Are you still hangin’ out? Any chance we could get the payload body and endpoint of the call to authenticate?