DocStar send email task

Has anyone figured out how to get DocStar to send an email with all the recipients on one email instead of a single email to each recipient? Not real good for a reply all if you are on the receiving end of this email or to know who else got the email.

Does it not do it correctly if you do not check the Separate by comma, semicolon check box in the task definition? We don’t have that task anywhere in our workflows yet, so I don’t know for sure.

For example, if I have two emails separated by a semicolon, but do NOT check the box…

No go. It splits the email addresses and sends individual emails out.

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Would anyone else out there have the need for a product enhancement to send a single email transmittal to multiple recipients?
ECM (DocStar) currently is set up to only send individual emails out which is a problem for our implementation of the Send Email Task in workflows. We need our customers to see the entire list of recipients so that the Reply all functionality is available for both our internal and external contacts. This also verifies that all of the intended recipients got the email and no additional forwarding of emails happens for no reason.

Add me to that list - Get it on Epicor Ideas and we’ll vote for it.

Kinetic Ideas Link

Please vote for this idea to get it implimented

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Have you tried sending it to a Email Distribution List?

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This list is dynamic and sent to ECM via Datalink. Project Specific list created on Sales Order Header and sent to ECM. If it was only an internal list I could probably pull that off but because I have different Document work flows and package workflows that send reminders and documents to different groups of recipients, I can’t use a fixed distribution list.

Thanks for replying though and please vote for the Kinetic Idea