DocStar versus Doc-Link

I am an Epicor user with Doc-Link 3.2 integration for Accounts Payable. I am wondering how other Doc-Link/Epicor users are handling a potential switch to DocStar, due to not being able to upgrade past Epicor 10.1.600 with Doc-Link.

We were just recently made aware of Epicor’s purchase of DocStar, and their discontinued relationship with Doc-Link past version 10.1.600.

Thanks for any information you can provide!

We use Doclink and have looked at DocStar. I’ve been working with a guy at Doclink and looking at the integration pieces, here’s what I know.

Doclink will loose the access to the code directly that they were working with, but the integrations do not look to really need it any longer with access to the BO’s and REST/Web service interfaces. I did a little write up and he said he gave it to their DEVs for consideration. The integration is really just equivalent to ‘create AP group’ and ‘create AP invoice head/lines’, both of which could be done with either the BOs or REST if they want to simply rewrite their integration tray app.

I believe there is a more complicated AP method, but we don’t use it, so I’m not familiar with it. Other than AP creation, the indexing scripts go direct to SQL so that will be fine. And the code behind the buttons to view doclink docs from within the Epicor UI is easily workable by anyone, so I’m not too worried about that either.

We’re still considering staying with Doclink - especially if they will rewrite the integration app - but it’s not a deal breaker for us. We can still use the DL workflow and do the data entry right in Epicor. We don’t really need the AP Invoice Line GL data/etc in Doclink and the indexing script can fill in all the other stuff as long as we get the two key fields (cust/inv#) entered when we get the images into Doclink.

While we like the interface of Docstar better, and the web access, we also think the integration will get stronger and more web friendly, which will leave Doclink in the dust over the next couple of years…

Did I miss anything?

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Hi Mike,
We are new to Doclink and was wondering if anyone you know have setup workflow in a way where document is sent to multiple approvers in parallel and requires all to approve before status of the document is marked completed.


Sorry, I am unaware of that possibility. When you set up a ‘status’ in the workflow you associate users to it and we just have a one-to-one relationship set up. I’ve never tried multiple users with ‘all required’. I’d give Doclink a call - their tech guys are pretty good at this stuff.

Thanks Mike, Do share outcome of your call whenever it is done…

Best Regards,

Syed - I re-read this whole thread - I mean that YOU should give Doclink Tech support a call and ask them.

And for anyone else reading - after many technical calls with DocStar, we’ve decided to go ahead and give them a try. Mostly because of their claims that the Intelligent Data Capture will work so well and that we can do some creative things with the Workflows.

Aaaah got it… My mistake… Thank you! Yes we have been given same reassurance. I am in process of discussing migration plan with Epicor and DocStar.