DocStarDownloadFile via REST SSO

When calling “api/v1/Ice.BO.AttachmentSvc/DocStarDownloadFile”, I get

  "ErrorMessage": "Unable to login using single sign-on. No SSO response."

Would appreciate anyone’s help.


Are you passing your token?

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Excuse my ignorance, but do you mean DocStar token?
I am testing via the REST API Help tool which is already authenticated.
If you mean docstar where would one seek out that token?
If epicor token where would I seek that out?
Much appreciated @josecgomez!

Are you testing inside swagger?


And inside Epicor in this instance you can access this same file?

I should also mention that when I test the


and fill out all the required feilds, I connect successfully.
Which makes me wonder if I need to be passing DocStar credentials.
Have you worked with DocStar attachments via REST before?

Yes I have and you normally don’t need any credentials
As long as your rest api is authenticated that should be all you need

I’m going to put in a support request.
Thanks for your help.

What file transfer setting you have in attachment maintenance UI for Docstar, client side or using service?

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Was using Client Side, switched it to Using Service and it’s working.
Very Much Appreciated @Olga!

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