Documentation of the ERP

Hi folks, do you know if there is a site or videos we can get to get to know more the epicor erp product.

There are lots of YouTube videos as well as the Epicor Education built into the Training database. Lastly, there is pay-for options on Epicor’s website as well as many consultants who would be happy to help. Doesn’t cover everything but it is a good start. In your Epicweb login all of the documentation is available, by version as well as other companion products.

Epicor Users Group also have a lot of content

Epiocr has Epicor Learning Center/University (which is paid online earning) as well as Epicor Education as @Jason_Woods mentioned, but it is licenced so you would not see if unless you have a licence for it.

On YouTube there is heaps now days, CodaBears (Hi @fredzelhart ) :slight_smile: amonst others, is on my subscription list.