Does QuickShip need a weight entered on the part in Kinetic Part master?

We’ve currently got Manifest but not using because when going through the setup process it was disclosed that as of 10.2… a weight needed to be entered for the parts in the database in order to use Manifest. With Manifest biting the dust and we can now move up to Quick Ship we’re wondering if there is the same requirement for parts to all have a weight entered in order to use the QuickShip application. I’m not referring to the scale weight at shipping but the weight field associated with the part in Kinetic.

The weight requirement would be new to me, I’ve always used a connected scale. The weight is required at the time of shipping.

We are not using the weight field on the Part with quickship.


Thanks for that valuable nugget of info. If you are using Quickship and haven’t had to enter a weight in Part master then we’ll likely push to upgrade to quickship and get that established.

if you are shipping international and are using that Quickship module, it does require country of origin on the part master and some other codes to process commercial invoice

Quickship only looks at the master weight or the phantom pack weights. Doesn’t really gave a rats behind about part or shipdtl weights.

That being said having them in and accurate can be helpful depending on your process. Example each case of X weights 10 pounds and that is in Part entry. You add 10 cases of X to your shipment and the weight auto sums to 100 on the shipment header.

Generally speaking though people weight a shipment anyways and change that value so, mostly depends on your process.

What’s the name of the module within QuickShip to calculate shipping costs at time of order?

That module would require weights and dimensions in order to calculate cost and options.

There isn’t really a “name of the module”, weights and dims are just part of quickship. Where it sends those is module based in which case it would be DHL, UPS, FedEx, or LTL (CH Robinson)

@MNlesta We have used Manifest since version 3 and have never had to enter weights, but I learned today from this thread after looking at the workstation maintenance screen that there is indeed a choice to Get weight from part configuration that I had neve seen before. We do prompt for weight because our shippers feel they can type faster than reading from the scale.


@svannimantyber The rates are calculated at the carrier and then based on settings in the carrier setup QuickShip sends the freight charge to Epicor. This needs to be checked after upgrading. Both UPS and FedEx were set to List rather than Customer and was a big surprise when invoiced.



Yes - familiar with Manifest/Quickship. What I was referring to is a module in Quick Ship called Rate Shopping. For Rate Shopping to work, your parts must have weights. If you are subject to Dim Weight rates, then I believe you must also provide dimensions for the parts.


I saw that when I did the last upgrade a few months ago, but have not gone back to evaluate what it would do for us.