Download ECM Document to Network Folder

I may have asked this before. And my Epicor ECM is On Premises version 22.1.

Q1: Does anyone know how to make an ECM Workflow download the document to a network folder as a step / action / task in the Workflow?

Assuming the answer to Q1 is NO. My workaround is to have the Workflow e-mail the document as an attachment to a dedicated account, then use a magical 3rd party tool to retrieve the e-mail attachment and download it to our network folder.

The magical 3rd party tool is GearMage Mail Attachment Downloader. The functionality is exactly what I need, but the application support is questionable even though Premier Support comes with my Server Pro license. I think GearMage is a one-man company and the side hustle for that one man. Do the hustle!

Q2: Does anyone know of any other magical tools that can be scheduled as a Windows server service to log into a dedicated Outlook 365 (O365) e-mail account, download PDF attachments on new e-mails in the Inbox, then move those e-mails from the Inbox to another e-mail folder (i.e. Processed)?

I had investigated Microsoft’s Power Automate (formerly Flow) earlier this year. The problem: Power Automate looks like it can only download the e-mail attachments to SharePoint. I need the attachments downloaded to a network folder for SFTP purposes.

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@JerseyEric it looks like they have a standalone Document Export Tool. I don’t have the licensing for it, but it looks like the reverse of ECM import. The info I found was in ECM help.

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You can use PowerAutomate to download email attachments to an on-prem folder. You need an on-prem data gateway, and then you can use the File System connector to save locally.

I’m not saying this is the best way to get ECM documents to a file share, but PowerAutomate can connect to local shares if needed.


Thanks, @gpayne. I’m going to inquire about the Document Export Tool.
The info. on the tool in the ECM Help menu was quite helpful.
It looks like it would meet my “base case” need for most of my documents.

One item that concerned me: The Export Schedule frequency! One-time, monthly, quarterly – how about every 5 minutes? Or at least hourly?

@amurdock, thanks for confirming! I’ve reached out to my Dynamics GP professional services partner, because they also have resources on the MS Power side. After Googling “Windows on-prem data gateway”, I’m not sure we have that yet.

I’ll know more after my call next week with that partner.

Note this is for a FULL export and not just single documents. That may not finish in an hour depending on the number of documents you have. It’s worth noting that ECM provides an HTTP link to each document. If you know the link address, then you can use automation (with the correct credentials) to grab a document in PowerAutomate, Logic Apps, or PowerShell and write it wherever you like.

Not sure if you are an ERP user also, but there is facility to download attachments from within ERP so if you have links in there a scheduled function could do the job.

Also, there is an ECM API which you could use.

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@steveh, I am not an Epicor ERP user. Just have Epicor ECM & IDC [a.k.a. DocStar ECM & IDC].