Downloading to Excel from multi-section (BAQ) Dashboard

We have a dashboard that has multiple sections containing all kind of information about the part that is being manufactured and it is driven by separate queries for each section all tied together by the part number. The user wants to download all of the dashboard info to Excel. If they try to do the right-click > Export to Excel, it only load one of the sections (BAQ information). How can they get all of them without having to download each section individually? Is it possible?

How about an OData source using REST calls of the various BAQs?

I thought about that but wondered if there was an easier way :wink: Nothing is ever easy…LOL!

The nice part of the OData feed is that once set up, they’re just a Refresh All away from new data. If they want to change parameters, there’s a bit of VB-Script to do but it’s not impossible.