Drop-down selector vs EpiBinding

Hi, EpiUsers.

I’m trying to understand why a drop-down selector in the Serial Number Maintenance utility displays 2 options, when the table.column it calls (according to EpiBinding) contains no established values.

When I click the Scrapped checkbox in Serial Number Maintenance, the drop-down beside it becomes active, and I can choose either “Junk” or “Writeoff Scrapped Inventory.”

(this assumes that I’ve searched and selected a Serial Number value - which, in preparing the screen shot, I did not)

In Developer Mode, I checked the Customization Tools Dialog to see where the selector gets those values.
The EpiBinding value reads SerialNo.ScrapReasonCode.

So I made a quick BAQ selecting only Distinct ScrapReasonCode values from table SerialNo.
Only one row is returned, and the value is blank/null.

I have also tried selecting NOT ISNULL values using a BAQ, but I’ve thus far failed to retrieve ScrapReasonCode values that hold any meaning, using a BAQ.

[I don’t imagine that this is relevant, but I’m working in a test environment, not production.]

Does anyone have a guess as to why I’m unable to find where the two drop-down values come from?
I don’t think I’m looking in the wrong table. Or am I?

This is just the field binding.
When you select a reason and save it, it will save that reason code to the field binding specified.
The data is coming from the Erp.Reason table where the ReasonType equals “S” (scrap).


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So, SerialNo.ScrapReasonCode is where a reason code is saved after a user selects it.
But it is first made available for selection via the drop-down from Reason.ReasonCode.

I checked the Reason table. As you predicted, there are 2 codes with Type S.
SCRAP/Writeoff Scrapped

This addresses my question, and I appreciate your effort.

The combo box is displaying the data from the Reason table. When a user selects one and hits save, it gets committed to SerialNo.ScrapReasonCode.

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