Drop Ship Kit Components

Supposedly, our pm team used to be able to mark a kit component as drop ship and I have a BAQ that proves that fact. Nobody seems to know what changed, if anything, but now the drop ship box is grayed out. Any idea why I can no longer select it for the kit components?

Hi Aaron,

Are you sure you used to be able to do this? We do use kits and we do some BTO and drop shipments, but have never done so for the kits. When I go to part maintenance and try to change to Buy to Order on a part setup as Kit, I get error that BTO cannot be turned on if one of the Part sites is kit per below. I checked my method directives and it is not due to any of them, it appears std processing in system.
We are on 10.1.600.20. The part you screenshot above is not a KIT that has BTO and DS checked. It’s a purchased part, so not surprising you may check these on it.
I see you are on 10.2.xxx. So how long ago do these folks recall this functionality? I don’t see it in 10.1.600.


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Yes, I’m sure at one point it was possible. We have close to 300 order releases that were marked this way. However, most are <= 2015 and we upgraded to 10.2 in 2018. There’s only one in 2019, but that would mean it’s still possible.

Check your sites tab.
Does it still say Sales Kit for you there?
All sites have to say purchased for a component to be marked as BTO or Drop Ship.

Yes, my sites tab was marked as sales kit. I showed this to convey that system does not want BTO and DS on a part that is marked as sales kit, therefore not feasible to do in 10.1.600xx.

The components aren’t ever marked as kits; they should be pur or mfg.
I’m not talking about the parent.

Oh, sorry Aaron, I thought you meant you were able to use BTO / DS on the sales kits…
I have run a test with a P component part setup as BTO and DS as part of a kit. I get a BTO PO suggestion, but no DS on it. When I create the PO, same thing. So… no go in 10.1.600.20.