Dropshipment Entry

Does anyone use the Mass Shipment in Dropshipment Entry when you have a partial shipment? If we have an order with multiple lines but there is a partial we try using the mass shipment and then either removing the line that did not ship or zeroing the quantity and the system gives us error message saying that there needs to be a quantity. So we end up doing the receipt line by line which can be time consuming when it is a multiple line purchase order.
Any suggestions?

I’ve always done it the same way, mass ship and delete unwanted lines.

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I agree with Bruce this has always worked for us as well, however, you might have to set a qty & then try to delete or in addition to setting the qty save the record before deleting it. I know our CSR that processed drop shipments had some issues with the order of operations to delete lines.

Doesn’t mass ship only add lines matching the ShipTo on the packer header?

So if some lines or releases on the sales order are direct ship or to a different ShipTo, they shouldn’t pull in during Mass Ship.

Thank you both for your input. I got it to work, turns out it was the sequence I was doing this and missing a “save” step.
Thank you again!