Dumb Customization question

After closing the customization window (when a customization was changed), must the program (form) be closed and re-opened for ALL the customizations to take effect?

For example, I update a customization: 1) changing the Form’s text property(the title bar text), and 2) add a row rule. After saving and exiting the Customization Tools window, I’m returned to my form.

The form now displays the changed title bar text, but the Row Rule changes haven’t taken effect.

To be safe, I always close and re-open the form I customized. But this is a pain.

In 10.1 most things need you to close and re-open. In 10.2 you get the option to reload the form when closing the customization window which saves you having to do it.

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Yes always close / relaunch.

That’s what I figured. I just would get thrown because some changes like basic form properties would take effect immediately.

Sometimes RowRule’s dont work for me until I clear the cache. So If close / relaunch doesn’t work. Clear Cache C:\ProgramData\Epicor Not sure why; it happens often. in 10.1.500.x atleast.

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One of those “Best practices” and Nothing like a nice simple question for new users delving into a bit of customisation.

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What I usually do is keep my customization window open, save changes, then launch a new instance of the form using shift-click to test the changes. Saves time of having to reload the form and launch the customization window. Sometimes, depending on the change, I may need to close out of Epicor or clear the cache for changes to take effect.


Almost gave you a Like for the first part. :wink:

But when I’m trying to test my changes, I don’t want to be second guessing whether they aren’t working, or if I need to relaunch and/or clear cache.

There are 2 hard problems in computer science: cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-1 errors.