Duplicate context menu items

Our Job Number context menu isn’t working right; eg it has duplicate entries for Job Entry. One opens the default Job Entry program and the 2nd opens our customized job entry. I don’t see anything wrong in context menu maintenance. The Quick Searches are also duplicated. Any ideas? Thank you


Context Menus can be tricky.
First there is MfgJobHead.JobNum and JobHead.Jobnum so it hard to tell which one gets used.
There is also personalization’s and customizations which don’t display well in the “Context Menu Maintenance” screen. It would be nice if it displayed a tree like a program customization and personalization’s.
I added a period to the end of the descriptions on MfgJobHead.JobNum menu items to I could tell which one was being used
You will probably just have to delete the entire customization and start over. When you do this it freaks you out like your deleting the actual menu and not the customization. You may want to run thru it in your pilot db first.

Bingo thanks much! Yes the MfgJobHead are the first set of context menu items, and then JobHead the second. It looks like in E10 they were used in different places, and in Kinetic they use both everywhere.

FYI for others: On our system, the Classic UI field uses the MfgJobHead.JobNum context menu. Same for the quick search. Contradicts KB article EpicCare Login - EpicCare

In the Kinetic UI, the context menu customizations appear to have no effect. But the Kinetic Quick Search (available navigating through regular search) lists items attached to JobHead.JobNum.

So until the devs fix the inconsistencies, you’ll probably have to keep customizing both locations and may end up with duplicates like us.