E 9.05.702A/Progress - Invoice Line Item Discounts Inverted

Has anyone seen, upon upgrading to .702A, where Invoice Line Item Discounts get stored as negative numbers in the InvcDtl.DocDiscount and InvcDtl.Discount fields as opposed to positive numbers?


Prior to upgrading to .702A, DocDiscount and Discount held all positive values for the last 3 years.  The AR Invoice takes that positive value and subtracts it from the Invoice Total.  Makes sense.  But since upgrading to .702A, those values are now being recorded as negative values in the table and therefore the AR Invoice (both the customized and out-of-the-box Invoices) is adding the discounts to the Invoice total.  Not cool.


To make matters even more strange, this is multi-company and only one of the companies is experiencing this odd, critical behavior while the others are logging the DocDiscount and Discount values properly as positive numbers.


Thanks for any input.