E10.1.400.x Auto Printing Issues?!

The autoprint BPM function works sporadically, or not at all, since our migration from E9 to E10.1. We’re currently on 10.1.400.15. Printing the forms manually, using the same server printers, works fine.

Our particular BPM will automatically print job travelers after mass issuing material. We’ve found the BPM runs successfully and the job traveler shows in the system monitor as complete - yet nothing physically prints. We’ve attempted to change the BPM autoprint function to print preview instead of print, use the EMF format instead of PDF, run it as queued instead of immediate, and print from a client printer instead of a server printer. Nothing, thus far, has resolved the problem.

As someone previously stated, you should log onto your Epicor app server(s) and install your server printers. Ensure the printers are shared and your Epicor domain account and end user(s) have permission to print to the printer via the security tab.

Thanks. Our situation is similar. We are on E10.1.400.16. We are trying to print Pack Slips via BPM. And, as you say, the BPM works, the report appears in the System Monitor but nothing prints. We can preview and then print from the System Monitor.

Ours works if you print to a Client printer but this is not an acceptable solution for us.

I am pushing on Epicor to find a solution and will also keep you informed of any developments.

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Good morning … have you received any resolution to your auto printing issues? Rebecca