E10.1.600.15 - Changing rev levels on an existing co-part deletes child co-part info

We use co-parts in method extensively here. When we make a rev level change to an existing co-part method, the child co-part disappears and the parent co-part becomes a single part.

Does anyone here use co-parts and see this happening? I’m not sure if this is a bug or what the reason is behind it happening…

Hi @Beth. Did you ever get this resolved as we’re seeing this issue?

@Matt_Belshaw No, unfortunately, it’s not resolved. We have our team checking for this every time a revision change is made.

We found that it doesn’t wipe out everything related to the copart though. Any of the co-part costing data for the parent part still remains creating an issue with job costing. So if there is a costing split on the material and/or labor, then it still exists on the parent part but job costing is now incorrect.

Also, the material quantity still remains a full quantity for both parts; we use resin so the parent part has enough resin on the method to create both parts, which is good for ordering material and issuing it to a job. But this doesn’t help with being able to report quantity for each part.

The joys of coparts!

Thanks for the update Beth/