E10.2 Auto Print Functionality - Display multiple DB records on one label for order lines

With creating a new carton label at the time of “Customer Shipment Entry - Close Action” and dropping the file as “BT” in my “Epicor3Data” directory and having the Bartender Integration Service (Commander in old version) process the file. I need my carton label to display all the part numbers associated to the lines of the order presented on the label. But when its processed I get a label per partnumber. In the “autoprint” function of the data directive I set the # of labels "constant = ‘1’

Example of BT data file:

Example of label:

That’s because for each of those records in the BT file, BT assumes its a new label.

You’ll probably want to concatenate the part numbers (P1~P2~P2 or similar), then write some BT code (in their IDE) that will handle the splitting/displaying of those numbers.

A somewhat related example in VBScript

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So Epicor’s functionality for the labels will always treat the row data as individual labels even if you use the dynamic functionality in the auto print instead of constant?

If that BT file is a direct result of a standard E10 function, then yes. See why I went with custom code ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep its E10 standard functionality. And :confounded::confounded: suffering over here, I was so close to being done with the label haha.

I’d note that it isn’t necessarily E10 - it’s the way that BT processing is done. Unfortunately, BT doesnt handle multi-record labels (last I checked)

A hacky work around would be to export that to a NON-BT folder, have your own service that grabs the file and manipulates for BT before moving it to the BT folder.

Were on 2016 R7 which has quite a bit of features. But looking around I have not seen that functionality so far.

Maybe the scripting is powerful enough to do all that processing in the label:

I see it has document level datasource manipulation features

Update: Yes - it seems like you can dymamically create display elements as well as modify the datasource…unfortunately its all VBScript lol

Thinking about it, what if you made an SSRS report that was formatted 4x6 and it displayed the parts per lines on one page. And had a BPM call that report upon close and send it to the default printer (label printer) of the workstation. Could that work?

Not sure - I am curious to know if you try though. Those Zebra printers you guys use are pretty snazzy - perhaps they’d take care of all that formatting right from the report.

Totally going to try it here shortly. That would be awesome if it works :thinking:

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Thinking outside the box.

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YAYYYYY IT WORKSSSS :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Step 1. Find report data definition for “Pack Slip”, duplicate it and the report style
Step 2. On the SSRS server in “custom reports” deleted all copied reports except for the pack slip
Step 3. Delete the entire tablix. Create a new tablix and associate the Epicor Data set to it
Step 4. Change the page setup for 3x5 portrait and margins set as .16 for all
Step 5. Navigate to “Printer Setup” and make sure the printer is setup as “300 x 500” and margins “25”
Step 6. Navigate to Customer Shipment Entry - choose print and select the custom style
Step 7. BAM Zebra printer prints out an SSRS label

*Now you can possibly set this to print from a BPM.


That’s awesomesauce!


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One thing I learned to is that if you setup the SSRS to auto print from a data directive you can set the printer selection as the default printer of the workstation. And if the default printer is a label printer and the label printer associated to the workstation, you have to define the printing type as reports instead of labels. If its labeled as labels no printer will be found.

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