E10 BPM - New single SO detail line from quote


When I create a new single SO line from a quote line I need to add some info, copy UD fields from the quote line to the SO line, etc.

I created a post-process method directive under “SalesOrder.OrderDtlGetNewFromQuote.”

But this directive fires before the “Get Quote Line For Order” selection window pops up, so there’s nothing to see at this point.

I’m looking for another directive, but danged if I can see it.



Joe Trent

If you are trying to copy data from the QuoteDtl to the Order you could put a Data Directive on OrderDtl update and if the Quote/ QuoteLine field are > 0 then you can look up the data and update it.

Thanks, Jose.


By the way, I wound up doing this under SalesOrder.ChangeQuoteLine:

// Loop thru new Order Lines and copy UD fields from Quote Line to the
Order Line.
foreach(Erp.Tablesets.OrderDtlRow orderDtlDsRow in ds.OrderDtl.Where(r =>
// Get Quote Data from database.
QuoteDtl quoteDtlDbRow = (from QuoteDtl_xRow in Db.QuoteDtl
where (QuoteDtl_xRow.Company ==
Session.CompanyID && QuoteDtl_xRow.QuoteNum == orderDtlDsRow.QuoteNum &&
QuoteDtl_xRow.QuoteLine == orderDtlDsRow.QuoteLine) //get matching
Quote Line
select QuoteDtl_xRow).FirstOrDefault();

// Copy Quote Line UD field data to Order Line.
if (quoteDtlDbRow != null)
    orderDtlDsRow["PseudoNo_c"] = quoteDtlDbRow.PseudoNo_c;

// etc.



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