E10 Creating a BAQ report getting duplicate rptlabels error on calculated field


This is my first time trying to create a report from one of my queries. My query is composed of a Main query, having a link to subquery1, then subquery1 having a link to subquery2. I have a Calculated field (Calculated_CntRecShip)from subquery2, that I show in subquery1 fields list, in order to show it in the Main fields list. So it is part of my result columns.

When I try to use this query in a new BAQ report, trying to save gives me an error about duplicate RptLabels.

“duplicateSystem.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: Plusieurs champs dans le dataset ‘RptLabels’ portent le nom ‘Calculated_CntRecShip’. Les noms de champs doivent être uniques dans un dataset.”

Does this mean in order to pass the calc_field to the main, I have to create another at each level up?
Or is this a bug in my version? (10.0.700.2)

I have over 40 calculated fields in this query… I am thinking it would be better to dump my query results into a UDtable and use a query on that table instead for the BAQ report…

Wasn’t sure quite sure from reading your description…

  • Is the BAQ is working OK?
  • And the error is coming from the BAQ Report? - At what point?


Hi Pierre

This is a bug fixed on 10.1.500.16 according to EpicCare (PRB0181365 - BAQ Rpt Can’t create a BAQ report if are using subqueries). I’ve come up with a workaround until we upgrade to 10.2.

  • save BAQ report with main query only
  • add subqueries later


Yes the BAQ was working fine.

Thanks you Michael, my co-worker did notice it was not doing this behavior in our 10.2 test env. So I assumed it was a bug in our version.

So I am dumping my query result into a UD table, and querying that table as a source to my report. Works great.