E10 Dashboard passing parameters

Hello all,

I am not sure if this is possible…

I have a dashboard I need to develop, to gather all LaborDtl records with hours reported on jobs, pertaining to a specific user, between two dates.

So I designed my BAQ with 4 info parameters as Dept (JCDept) EmpID, DateFrom and DateTo. Running the BAQ I get my results ok.

Now, in the Dashboard view, I designed a tracker where I am selecting the department via a combo using BO :JCDept, then in the list of employees combo, it would only show the employees assigned to that dept.
Then you would select the dates From and To.

The issue:
How can I pass the tracker parameters to the BAQ when the user selects to refresh the grid?
A “not so nice” way I thought is to let the BAQ params to show up in it’s window and the user just enter his selections… But, it seems I cannot have the combo showing employees, based on the combo of Departments. (both being based on BAQ’s) using “Epimagic”… I would need to customize the form…

Not sure of the effects of customizing that parameter form…

I would prefer user has a first view of the selections to make… and I could pass the “search parameters” to the BAQ, so the parameter from does not show up…if this is possible, what would be the valid way?

I need some guidance here of the best way to resolve this issue…



go vote for this. A lot of people have been asking for this for a long time. There isn’t an easy way to do it.

But, looking at your use case, why do they need to be parameters? Can you simply add the tracker fields on the dashboard? If they are acting like simple filters, the tracker “parameterizes” the filter for performance. You only need parameters for things like anchoring a CTE query or some for aggregate functions to work correctly.

This has been asked quite a few times by now, hence the Feature Request!

One thread here has some suggestions, including what works for me when I need to do it