E10 Extended UD Field Map Order to Invoice

Hey everyone!
I have UD fields set on both OrderHed and OrderDtl that map directly to the same field and type on InvoiceHead and InvoiceDtl. I went into Extended Field Map Maintenance after these were setup and there is no link between those tables for me to map these fields. Does anyone have a solution for this? I can add a SQL Trigger, but hate that… do people run BPM on this, or is there a way to add options to the Extended Field Map Maintenance screen.


Yep - BPM is the answer. At least until they give us the ability to create our own table maps. a LOT of us are doing what you are trying to do all the way from Quote to Shipment.

Thanks Mike. I love this forum, people actually reply! Do you have a shell template to start with, or I can build my own, no big deal. Always looking to save minutes. :slight_smile:


sounds close to what is going on right now over here

@knash beat me to it!

Thanks everyone!