E10 - Increased complaints that "Copy to Excel" isn't working

Hi All,

I am seeing an increase in the number of people at my company that are reporting that the “Copy to Excel” feature, when right-clicking on a grid in Epicor, is not working. By that, they generally mean that they right click, choose “Copy to Exel”, and they typically get a wait cursor and then nothing happens. No error, no lockup, no excel file opens.

Has anyone else see this happen in the past month or so? I know that there are posts from back a bit but I’m trying to see if there is a new known issue that I can find.

@joerojas Epicor uses the windows copy buffer for this and it can be affected by other programs also monitoring the buffer like Teams or any other remote screen sharing programs. Not that you want a work around, but sometimes a simple copy paste in notepad will clear the issue for me.

I’ve had this occur multiple times, normally I receive an error.

The solution for me was to clear the cache using file explore. To do this, close Epicor entirely, make sure its not running in task manager, then navigate to C:\ProgramData\Epicor (note ProgramData needs to be made visible in File Explore) then delete the sub folders.

Give it a try for one of the users thats having this issue and see if it works for them.

I encountered the same issue for a couple of days, and then it started working again. Not sure if there was an issue with a Microsoft update that went through, but it resolved itself before I dug deeper.

We see this every so often it’s when a user has a lot of applications open. Seems some kind of memory issue or more than one cause is possible. Solutions that have worked for us:

  • Clearing the copy buffer per @gpayne post
  • Closing Epicor then reopening
  • Closing Excel and Epicor and then reopening Epicor
  • Finally, the old standby: Reboot the computer