E10 Part Search Wildcards?

We recently migrated from E9 to E10. In E9 the search box allowed me to use wild cards via the Part # Matches field, which I found really helpful(e.g. find all parts that contain poe in the name = poe). In E10 we don’t have a Part # Matches field in the part search only Part Begins and that doesn’t allow me to use wildcards. Screenshots below if helpful. Is there a way to get this same search functionality in E10?



The upper pict is a Quick Search. What shows on the Quick Search tab in E10?


Either the Quick Search wasnt carried over from E9, or it hasn’t been set as the deafult in E10

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E9 looks like your custom quick search and not base search. You may have to design your quick search again.

Vinay Kamboj

Trying using % instead of *

Thanks everyone. It looks like we didn’t carry over the quick search from E9 to E10 as pointed out by @ckrusen