E10 Project Milestone Billings

We are using Milestone Billings in projects. Is there a way that we can schedule Processing Milestones? It seems like we need to go into each individual project and select process milestones to get the Milestone to trigger properly. We would like to schedule all open Projects with Milestones to process on a schedule.

I wrote an updateable dashboard for the milestones, with the milestone complete checkbox updateable. Once they mark the project(s) milestones as complete you can go into AR Invoice entry create a Group, and then select Get Milestone billings

Thats the closest I could come up with your requirements since someone needs to mark a milestone as complete in order to generate an invoice for that milestone

You can set the schedule with that screen. You need to create an applicable schedule with the system agent to run when you want, then you can pick that schedule when you process milestones, check recurring, at it will run at the frequency you decided.


Also, it looks like there is a filter applied automatically based on the project that you are in, make sure you go to the filter tab and delete that row before you submit the scheduled one.

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Thanks for the reply, Mark. Since there are multiple ways to trigger a project milestone, this wouldn’t work for us. We trigger some milestones by completing the phase, some by completing a job, etc.

Thanks for the reply, Brandon. Our consultant did something similar to this except he cleared the filter to apply to all projects. That seems to be the problem. I’m thinking that we need to do this on each individual project. The only thing is, I’m not sure if this will be a problem since we have a lot of projects.

I was hoping that there was a setting that I was missing in Company configuration or something.

I think?? (someone answer this for sure) that you can attach quite a few things to schedules without issues. Then you would just need someone to kick off the schedule at the beginning of the project, then when the project is done, it would probably be smart to remove the ones that are no longer needed. At least it’s better then going into each one repeatedly to fire the processing. You can see the parameters for the tasks that you have in your schedule in the system agent so you know which ones are working.

you can definitely have more than one task associated with a schedule.