E10 Public Cloud Outage / Data Loss

We had an outage over the last couple of hours, and now that it is back up and running, we are missing about 18 days worth of data in our Pilot environment (we are not yet live). We are in end-to-end testing, so it is really killing our session today and causing great anxiety :roll_eyes: Is anyone else having this type of issues?
Our consultant has confirmed that this is not just us - another client has lost data in their live environment.

I haven’t noticed any data loss today. I will keep an eye out though - so thanks for the heads up!
Which cloud host are you on? (I’m on centralusdtapp14.epicorsaas )

In case you didn’t know, you can keep an eye on the cloud status here: Status Page for Epicor Cloud Status powered by StatusCast

PS - Dream Theater fan? :smile: I wore out Images and Words back in the day!

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Data loss was resolved overnight - big relief!

We are on centralusdtapp17.epicorsaas.com (SaaS672).

Thanks - did the EpicCare webinar this morning, and learned that you can subscribe to cloud status updates, so I will do that as well.

Noticed the DT avatar? :grin: Yeah - they were my gateway into prog metal with Awake many years ago. Have been lucky enough to see them in concert a couple of times. Not as big of a fan since Portnoy left - they seem to have lost some of their song writing ability / soul, but DOT has some decent tracks. Was lucky to meet Rudess and Portnoy (and see them play together!) on Cruise To The Edge earlier this year.

I have noticed that some of our BAQ’s don’t work. These were ported over from E9 to our E10 cloud, and use the E9 Summary feature. I believe all of the data is still there, though. I’m going to open up a ticket about the BAQ issues.

I’ve seen DT many times. They’re on tour now, btw.
I’m in the music industry, and grew up in NY with many of the folks who wound up in those kinds of bands and their touring crews. I was always tight with Savatage, and Portnoy used to hang backstage with us when they played NY/NJ. I always see him at NAMM too. We have lots of common friends, and he’s always been great to me.

No ticket required. Summary functions are done differently in E10.

(I got to use the same answer for two posts in a rowcount()=1)

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the link. I’m going to dig into it.
The funny thing is that those BAQ’s have been working (according to the user who runs them) since August 2019 when we moved from E9 to E10, and it’s only after the 10.2.500.4 update a few weeks ago that they stopped returning complete data.