E10 Starting Sales Order Number

I have loaded in history - doing a sales order load now.
I would consider loading your old orders in as 6350 for (2160350), DMT would handle that just fine.

Test it by just entering in the order in Order Entry (don't click new), just key in the order number and say yes to add a new order.

We're doing a virgin install of E10, and then will use DMT to move select info from V8.  We were thinking bringing in Quotes and Orders from V8 into E10, Definitely open orders, and maybe select closed orders for history.

However, our SO #'s in V8 are 7 digits - The first 3 indicate the year (216= 2016, etc...).  But the Starting SO Num setting in the Company Config is limited to 6.  I checked the underlying field and it is an Int, so it can hold the required digits.

If I wasn't going to load in old Orders, i'd just start the OrderNum at 6500 (our last order in V8 is 2160349).

But If I load in old Orders, wouldn't the next order generated be 2160350 (one higher than the highest existing Order Num)?  That's not a problem until 1/1/2017, when we'd want to change the starting number to 2170001.  But that can't be set, because its 7 digits.

I tried customizing the Company Config form, but the format for that field (XaSyst.StartOrderNum) is read only.  I changed the mask to allow for an extra digit but then get the error:

"Starting Order is too large for its format of '>>>>>9'"

When I try to save a value that's 7 digits.


I know that the OrderNum can be 9 digits, as the Order.OrderNum Format is ">>>>>>>>9"

Any Ideas?