E10/VOIP Integration

Just wondering if anyone has attempted and succeeded in integrating a voice over IP phone system with E10. What I have in mind is, a customer service agent receives a phonecall and the system pops up on screen a dashboard containing customer details.May be a tall order but just thought if its been done then someone on here will know about it !

Yes we’ve done this before. We have an integration between Epicor and 3CX that we’ve written. Obviously it depends heavily on if the VOIP system you own has an interface (API) that can be hooked on to



Thanks for the info, are you able to share how you did it, in general terms ?

Hi @Bill_Mitchell
Sure thing,
Basically our phone system has an interface we can hook onto when calls come in which you can subscribe to and trigger an event in a windows application. We simply wrote a windows application that listens to those events and when a call comes in we use the phone number to do a lookup in Epicor and figure out of its a Customer, Vendor , Contact, etc then we wrote several screens which pop up with information regarding who may be calling. Vendor (Open PO’s, Open AP, Last Contact etc…), Customer (Open Orders, Open AR, Open Quotes, Last CRM Call, Open Cases) etc…

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Hi Jose,

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We are in the process to integrate E10 with 3cx with the same idea as Mr.Bill which he wrote it above. could you please share the information will move ourselves further.

We rolled our own (not me, one of our gurus) with dll’s. Our VOIP system is Mitel/MiCollab… It’s been in place since we went with Epicor in 2015…




Dear Andris Skulte,
Could you please provide me the source and i will enhance it further .

Wow that is cool! We do have 3cx (just got installed a few months before the pandemic halt! saved us working at home!) I never thought of that possibility…

I will add this to the future project pile!!! :thinking: