E9 BAQ/Dashboard Comments

I have a BAQ that creates a comment using text and data. It works in the BAQ but not in the dashboard. The text copies from the BAQ is:
Hello - please confirm the following due dates:
Part: 06305-10008-103 LH NGB Support
Qty: 4
Our Due Date: 11/29/19
Confirmed Due:

But in the dashboard the field is blank. Is there some limit to the dashboard?

Can you supply BAQ/calculated field details?
And are you including each of the data fields in your BAQ’s display?
Off the top of my head, I’m wondering if it’s some kind of timing thing?

Is the field really blank? In your example there is a blank line at the top. Try clicking on the field and see if there is data inside it. It may just look blank because it is displaying the blank first line. Remove the first line break to be able to see values on the first line in a dashboard.

I got ot to work somehow - not sure how except starting from scratch. And yes, the first time the field was blank. Now I cannot see the data cuz it’s so long, but mouseover displays it.

Thank guys.