[E9] DMT Group Codes

Ok if you do not know about this, here is a tip….On every screen in Epicor under help is a field help screen.


Place cursor in field, click on field help, and it should tell you the field name…..and the table it comes from.  Try it out.



We need to update group code to reflect customer name change. 

In the DMT, I have clicked through all the things that seem like they would pertain to groups, group codes and customers. I have not found what I am looking for (or maybe just overseeing it).

On the Spreadsheet is Part, Group and New Code.

Anyone have an idea that I can try?

Are you referring to the Customer Group (which is under customers) or the Product Group on a part?   Or something else entirely?







To be honest, I am not clear on which. I just thought that if I asked, someone might know. 

What I have in this spreadsheet is:
Part          Group           NewCode
10000       Rav              Tam

Then I was asked to change the group code from the Group to the New Group name.

The first thing I did was go in the DMT to the Customer tab. Nothing seemed like the right ones. Then I thought to check parts and again, nothing. There has got to be something, which makes this frustrating.