E9 Order Entry support

Hello everyone,

I discovered this forum in my quest to bring some improvements to our current business processes. I am looking to find out if certain conditions can placed in order entry. We have different lead times for our buy to order parts and manufacturing parts. lets say our lead time for buy to order Part A is 3 days, is it possible to restrict a user from entering an order with a ship by date that doesnt account for the lead time? like if they entered an order for Part A today and picked the ship by date of tomorrow, since we wont be able to get this part from our supplier for 3 days this order remains open. This happens quite alot and the orders stay on back long repors.I would really appreciate, if someone can guide me in the right direction to avoid this.

Yes it can be done with a BPM. (A method directive on SalesOrder.Update)
Iā€™m not sure if it can be done with the widgets in E9, but for sure it can be done in ABL code.


you will have to do this with ABL code, not very complicated but you need tom progress knowledge.


The part master has a lead time that you can use.

With a BPM you can calculate the earliest date (order date + leadtime days) and compare it to the requested ship by date.



Thank you Carson, I really appreciate your contribution, I will bring this up during my next meeting with the person in charge of BPM and ABL code and see where this goes.