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My company are using Epicor 905 and as we know Epicor 9 only supports windows 2008 or windows 2008 R2. Microsoft will not support Windows 2008 R2 after Jan 2020. Does anyone have the same situation with us? Seems the only solution is to upgrade to E10.

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Not sure you have a ton of options. Your SQL Server May be able to migrate to a newer version, but I will let someone else disagree if I’m mistaken.
Aside from the general cost, is there something specific holding you back from upgrading?

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SQL server may can be upgrade however the OS is the major issue without supporting soon.

The only reason of holding it back is need to find a way to show good benefit to management team with upgrading. So far the system is good enough for them.


The upgrade is the benefit. Sitting on unsupported OSes in todays security horizon is at best risky at worst idiotic and foolhardy. Yes the E10 uplift is a big nut to crack but sitting on old software is a great way to get hacked. I remember a statistic that something like 30% of companies that get hacked in a serious manner due to outdated server OS never truly recover and some similar number completely close shop if that hack is a CryptoLock. So if your backup solution is iron clad (no ones is) then go for it. Live on a risky OS. Personally I’d rather live safely. Ive watched several E10 uplifts from E9 (and Vantage) with folks that I know (I am the IT guy not the Epicor guy here, so I support the OS and Systems for Epicor not the interface itself), but it seemed to be a reasonably decent process. @jgiese.wci (our Epicor guy) might be able to give some advice on how the Uplift went.

Deciding between good and good enough is always a conundrum.

@EarlGrei summed it up. We are just kicking off an uplift from 9.05 to 10.2 and using Epicors Cirrus product to do the database conversion for us.

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I believe we ran an instance of E905 on Server 2012 for quote a while without issue. I think there were setup changes needing made with progress but that was it. It could at least buy you some time. Unless you have SDK or CSG make the jump to 10 you won’t regret it.

And I personally “know of someone” who has rewritten many CSG items to be easily upgradable and no longer need “Maintenance”.

Thanks all for the reply.

An employer runs E9 on 2012 and Client runs fine on Windows 10. I am sure it would all even run on Windows 2016