E9 UD Client Customization, New Button Question


I am working on a client customization using a UD table.  I have the screen designed and the foundation code running.  Key1 is for the Sales Order number and Key2 is for the Sales Order Line.  As I am testing the code, I have been clicking the clear button and then typing in data to the Key1 and Key2 fields.  The system automatically knows if the record is new and asks the user to save or not.  I understand to interact with the dataset once saved is done so by creating a connection to an EpiDataView like this:

EpiDataView edvet = ((EpiDataView)(this.oTrans.EpiDataViews["UD08"]));

I also know I can update the data within this view and force an update back to the table like this:


edvet.dataView[0]["ShortChar02"] = "Some Text";



The problem I'm having is when the user clicks the "New" button if there had previously been a saved record loaded.  The screen clears in response to the "new"button, but the EpiDataView dataset is still the previous dataset.  That makes sense because the new data hasn't been saved yet.  My issue is I cannot figure out how to access the freshly entered, unsaved data.  I just don't have a good enough understanding of the layers to figure out where it is and how to interact with it.  In the end, I have a Leave event programmed on the Key2 (sales order line) field that I want to basically mimic the Save functionality and force the save/create of the newly entered data.