E9\V8 - Test Server Configuration for Patch testing

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RE: E9\V8 - Test Server Configuration for Patch testing

Sun Is on M2K 7.0 SP 5 (Informix) but,
Going to: Epicor 9, 9.05.600B.2 SQL (go live date is 10/4/10 maybe

For E9 and V8, Recommendation is to have a separate Server (
servers?) to test patches before deploying to Live DB, so we are trying
to figure out how to do that.

First, Hardware: Our configuration is three servers and a
The servers are DB, App, Virtualized. The Virtualized is
running three 'instances' ( one 32-bit).

So, do we:

A. Buy three servers ( no disc array)
B. One server and Virtualizes it into 5 instances.
C. One server and not virtualizes.
D. Use Live server. I had to list that even though you are all screaming

Points of Discussion:

1. One server is enough ( we already have it for spare parts) and could
do it without virtualization since we are testing the software ( BAQ's,
BPM's, etc), not the whole system. Virtualizes only if it is easier for
some reason.

2. Licenses needed. We think E9 gives you a pass because it only used
for patches, but we think Microsoft will not be so understanding.

3. We are running 64 bit. But one server needs to be 32.

4. Until we go live, just patch the PILOT and if it blows up or goes
down it is no real problem since it will have no affect on business.

5. Can be slow.

Anybody have any experiences, suggestions, warnings, or Horror
stories to convey? Particularly with regard to the hardware

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