Early career in epicor and looking for a new opportunity

Hello everyone!

I’m quite early in my career (only 24) and have been working on implementing Epicor for the past 2 years with a company that I was originally hired to be a Financial Analyst!

Our current and final Go-Live date is August 1st. With outside issues that isn’t directly related to this Epicor project, I am now looking for other career opportunities related to Epicor and implementing it.

I don’t see myself staying at my current employer and really have enjoyed implementing this system - specifically, the financial module.

However, I feel that with my lack of experiences compared to potential other candidates, I may not find a company that gives me an opportunity. Does anyone have any advice on this or may have a lead on who is currently hiring?

Anything would help as I try to navigate the next few week!

Thank you in advance!!!


Do some searching online for the companies that specialize in Epicor placement/recruiting. They may just be your best bet as they focus on what you’re looking for, at your current skill level.

But don’t sell yourself short. If you understand the financial processes well enough to support an implementation and training program - then you have more skill than a lot of folks.

Epicor, and a number of the Epicor partners might have openings for implementation if that’s what you want to focus on. Epicor has a careers page you can check.

Also, most ERP knowledge at this level (Epicor, Info, GP, etc.) is readily transferrable (just have to get used to the new UI, but the core processes never really change). When I’m looking for new employees, I don’t specify Epicor or I say, “Epicor or related products like Infor/GP”. It gets me a wider candidate pool that I can convert to Epicor if I want to. So if you go out to LinkedIn or Indeed and start searching, the keyword “ERP” occurs much more often than “Epicor”. Just saying…

Hope that helps!!


The best way to get Epicor jobs isn’t just sending around resumes. Knowing people (and them knowing you) is going to get you the best connections for the best jobs. So your job now is to network like it’s your job. The forum is the perfect place for that. Participate, ask questions, answer questions, and become knowledgeable with a good reputation. LInked in as well. It’s a lot of work and will take time, but usually pays off in the end.


Are you on LinkedIn?

I appreciate your advice! Will do further research and see where it takes me!

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Thank you for your feedback!

Yes! Now a days it’s more of who you know than what you know. I plan to be active on here and network more to expand my connections. This just takes time, but will most likely pay off.

Yes I am!

I’ve attached my LinkedIn URL:


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I sent your profile to a recruiter I’ve met.


Interested in Financials and Epicor. Get that posting rule engine tech reference and read the hell out of it…

Then play with making changes, it will help improve your depth of knowledge…

Best wishes for your next steps.