EBOM management


Currently my company are using Epicor 9 to setup a working BOM. Effectively this is currently a MBOM or production bom. What I mean by this is that within the structure of the BOM various sub system assemblies have individual parts / fasteners and have these moved from behind the assy to being behind the top level parts.

So take for example we list out x20+ sub assy parts in workbench. The operations are used to group 'build stages' together. So we have 6-9 key operations which order the BOM and assist our stores and production in how and when they receive the parts on the line.

In the materials section we disect parts from within the sub-assys and pull the parts which are required direct to the line and place these separately in the materials section. This effectively is done as a permanent change. From an EBOM perspective this is my issue, I'd want these parts to retain a link to their associated assy but be able to be called for as a direct to line part.

I'm hoping this makes sense. So I'd hope that effectively we could have a EBOM which would replicate all our CAD etc. That could then have parts within assys identified as being 'direct to line'. Maintaining the link for the EBOM but also satisfying the requirements for production.

This is the way in which the BOM has always been setup on Epicor since day one, so I can only presume what was recommended for use by Epicor when they set the system up originally.

I don't have a great deal of experience here so please go easy on me. But we currently manage our EBOM on excel and it is getting out of hand in terms of its control.

We have other possibilities to look at such as PDM software, however I thought this must be possible in Epicor.