ECM - a FYI/PSA - Custom Datalink Module is in the new release!

I just got this from one of the Epicor guys, and since it’s not technically future stuff anymore, I felt it safe to inform the community.

"In our newest ECM version 22.2 (which releases any day now (should of released yesterday but, was delayed)) it has that added Datalink functionality built into the UI in the Admin > Datalink screen. "

Woo Hoo!

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@MikeGross Hot diggity

And it’s been released on EpicWeb as of a couple of minutes ago!

Could someone briefly explain how this enhancement is different from prior ECM versions? I just upgraded to ECM 22.1 (On Prem). I don’t usually touch the Datalinks, though I’ve looked at them occasionally to troubleshoot.

It’s just a way to write your own Datalinks to get data out of another system to use in ECM (fields or workflow for example) but to do so using a URL (for Rest, SOAP, WCF) instead of direct DB access. You could for example use a custom DL to query Google Maps for the correct Zip code for a customer and have the workflow reroute an approval to the correct salesperson for the Zip code.