ECM Direct links to documents (not forms)

I’ve been in search of a way to programmatically create DIRECT links to documents inside ECM for use in any app that needs to get to them. We’re thinking about WJI’s & special process documents used in conjunction with MES for certain inspections and other things, as well as product-related files being available from within our in-house custom applications.

It’s come up here a few times recently, but I’ve not seen the process documented. With a little help from Epicor support and some testing I created these two documents for Searching and Linking inside ECM.

ECM Creating URL Links.docx (86.2 KB)
ECM Search Tips and Syntax.docx (18.5 KB)

These docs explain two methods - accessing the SEARCH function and DIRECT links using the Document/Version GUID. The doc explains it a bit, but these are two distinctly different methods. And it’s not in the doc, but you’ll have to figure out for yourself how to obtain the correct GUID for the doc - either by another API call or by SQL.

I’ve not found any documentation on the API directly yet - if anyone has anything to share I’d love to see it. There is more to this #Retrieve call I’m sure.


@MikeGross Thanks for this. I was so not close to figuring this out. I have a need to link to special packaging instructions that I am going to try with this.

You’re quite welcome @gpayne!