ECM (Docstar) Print Routing - How to attach a pdf to the company table


I am working on setting up print routing on the POForm to take a pdf. document of our Terms & Conditions from ECM (Docstar). From what I have seen on other post I needs to attach the document to the comapny table but I am unsure of how to do that. Would anyone be able to briefly explain this process/

Thanks for your time.


@bsolander you’ll need to create a ‘CompanyDocs’ (or something of your choosing) document type inside ERP and allow it to sync up with ECM. Then you can add docs inside the Company Configuration screen and they will be attached to the company table.

Once the doc is inside ECM, the widget inside APR will show you how to retrieve the doc.

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Thank you that worked!!

I had the document type setup but didn’t realize the document could be attached in company configuration under “attachments” to attach them to the company table.

Glad I could help!